GetOTP Documentation

OTP Verification Status

You can verify each OTP status via this endpoint.

OTP Verification Request

To verify OTP, make a GET request to our Verify OTP endpoint. Take note that our OTP endpoint ends with a trailing slash:{otp_id}/

With the following Basic HTTP verification method:

Description Required Data Type Example
Your API Key Yes String mtbi2w4hlendfpxa1igthcu5p6mzxf7k
Your API Token Yes String mpktanoshzf4c81e3bydjl76ixr9wugv


  • Grab your API key and API token from this page
  • You can create maximum 3 counts of API keys


Below is an example request using cURL:

curl -L -X GET '' \
-u 'mtbi2w4hlendfpxa1igthcu5p6mzxf7k:mpktanoshzf4c81e3bydjl76ixr9wugv'

The response would be a JSON structure, returned with HTTP 200 Code status code:

  "callback_url": "http://mysite.test/payments/callback",
  "success_redirect_url": "http://mysite.test/payments/65/success",
  "fail_redirect_url": "http://mysite.test/payments/65/failed",
  "otp_id": "ttnnkgggvjef7euc72j8",
  "status": [
      "channel": "email",
      "auth_status": "not_verified"
  "channels": [
  "creation_time": "2021-07-07T08:26:41.952690Z",
  "metadata": "{\"order_id\":\"xfdu48sfdjsdf\", \"agent_id\":2258}",
  "captcha": true,
  "risk_score": 0.0023