A Simple,
Multi-channel OTP
Verification API for Developers

Build a complete, multichannel One-Time Password flow with almost no code. Enjoy our ready-made UI, and save time on resources for your development.

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GetOTP Makes Your Life Easier

GetOTP saves your time and hassle by providing a fast and convenient OTP flow. With a few lines of code, you can quickly implement a secure verification flow. Our simple web API does the work so you can focus on building your service.

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Ready to use

No need for special verificator apps or extra hardware. All you need is an email or phone number

Global phone network support

If you have a phone number, GetOTP can verify it for you wherever you are

Single API call

GetOTP makes it easy to generate passwords and build your OTP verification flow

Multiple OTP flows

SMS, Email, Voice, or all combined. You choose, and GetOTP handles the logic for retries of failed attempts

How It Works

1. Get the API key

Register now and get an API key with free 100 requests

2. API call to GetOTP endpoint

Perform API call to our endpoint to start the OTP process

3. Let GetOTP handle your flow

Let us handle all your OTP needs including beautiful verification UIs and security!

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How GetOTP Differs

from traditional OTPs systems

You might be familiar with communication APIs. They help you build and customize a 2FA or a One-Time Password flow from scratch. But GetOTP goes beyond that, providing complete OTP flows with very little coding to do. With those APIs you have to worry about many details. Writing the verification/resending logic. Designing the OTP UI from scratch. But GetOTP takes care of all this, meaning you can get started with a few lines of code.

What is OTP & Why You Should Use It

OTP means One-time password. You get it through SMS, voice calls, or email. OTP systems provide a mechanism for logging in to a service using a unique code used only once. It also has a limited time before expiring. The user's login name stays the same, and the one-time password changes with each login. One-time passwords are a form of strong verification. It provides better protection to eCommerce, eBanking, corporate networks, and other systems that store sensitive data.


GetOTP is priced to make sure you won’t have any surprises in your billing by a sudden surge in requests. Choose the subscription plan that suits you and don’t ever worry about surprise charges.
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