Customer interview with Xoxzo

July 8, 2022 · Hyejeong Park


Our first customer, Xoxzo is a company that offers SMS delivery services and other telephony web APIs. We interviewed Mr. Akira Nonaka, an engineer of Xoxzo to hear their experience and thoughts on GetOTP.


Q. How Xoxzo is using GetOTP?

We have a web service called EZSMS for sending SMS and voice. As we allow users to sign up online, we want to prevent abuse before we charge the customer. So we verify the email and phone number of the customer using GetOTP. 

Q. What was the requirement?

We needed a simple way to verify both email and phone numbers so that we can make sure the email belongs to the user and the phone number is a real one.

Q. Why did you select GetOTP?

Honestly, there were several choices. We researched the market, including several APIs that verify user accounts. One of the advantages of GetOTP is that we can verify multiple channels with a single API call. I like this multi-OTP feature of GetOTP.

Q. Do you think you can trust GetOTP?

I think yes. So far, we are pretty satisfied with GetOTP. We had one problem in the early days, that the payment didn’t get through. We made the payment but we had some servicing interruption while updating the credit card information. But other than that I don’t have any problems yet.

On the other hand, we are not using the fraud detection feature actively yet. I hope we can get a better explanation so that we can have more confidence to trust that value.

Q. Besides the core OTP flow, is there anything about GetOTP you particularly like?

I think the ready-made user interface in general is smart and nice. My experience with GetOTP is pretty good so far, and our users are also satisfied.

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