LaLoka Labs OÜ Announces Partnership With The Founder Institute

September 17, 2021 · Hyejeong Park

LaLoka Labs OÜ partners with The Founder Institute

We’re happy to announce a partnership with The Founder Institute and our own LaLoka Labs.

The Founder Institute was created to help to get traction and funding for startups. Since 2009, the institute has helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs get the focus and support needed to build a business that matters. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 90 countries, the Founder Institute’s mission is to empower communities of talented and motivated people to build impactful technology companies worldwide.

The focus is on helping tech or tech-enabled businesses at the pre-seed stage, including both solo-founders and teams. This includes established businesses that are pre-funding and traction, MVP and prototype-stage projects, and even part-time founders with just ideas.

Through the combined benefits of the Founder Institute and LaLoka Labs OÜ we’re aiming to create an unparalleled global support network for early-stage founders to impact the present and influence the future.

About LaLoka Labs OÜ

We at LaLoka Labs put the company together to build software to save people time, money, and make them happier human beings. We use technology to come up with solutions that give people more autonomy. To help people be more productive, get things done, and go enjoy their lives.

The team is composed entirely of experienced remote workers with several years of productive output with no location restriction. We practice what we preach, and we combine the autonomy granted by remote work with technology and expertise to help more people achieve this level of empowerment.

We built GetOTP to save time and hassle for developers creating applications that need one-time password systems. GetOTP delivers a fast and convenient one-time password flow with a few lines of code. Just like Stripe does the heavy lifting in implementing payment gates, GetOTP does for one-time password systems.

Please stay tuned as we will have special promotions to founders who apply to the Founder Institue and are part of the Estonia chapter cohort.

Just follow this link if you’re interested in applying.

For more information about LaLoka Labs, please follow our LinkedIn page. And to learn more about GetOTP follow our Twitter.


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