The GetOTP team was interviewed by DevKami

August 13, 2021 · Iqbal Abdullah

Sitting down with DevKami

Swee Meng who runs DevKami, which is a Malaysian centric website/blog/podcast show for developers took time to interview the GetOTP team for their Made in Malaysia month special.

GetOTP team being interviewed by DevKami

So what did we talk about?

In the interview, Jeong and Kamal fielded questions such as

  • What is GetOTP?
  • What market does it target?
  • How does something like GetOTP gets built from ideation into a released product?
  • What do customer ask for when building GetOTP?
  • The tech stack that we’re using for GetOTP
  • They also showed a demo! Which had some network difficulties unfortunately…

Other interesting topics covered during the interview:

  • Siang introduced Plum which is a custom built task management system that we use internally.
  • Kamal gave his views on the challenges of working remotely, from the perspective of a bunch of people that has been working remotely since 2008.

The interview is quite a long one (around an hour), so if you’re interested to know more about the topics above, you can watch the interview here.

And finally

We would like to thank DevKami for the airtime given to us. Please do follow them, as they have more interesting interviews on other makes pushing out new stuff the rest of this month.

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