Pitching GetOTP at the first Product Hunt meet-up in Tokyo

October 18, 2021 · Iqbal Abdullah

GetOTP and Product Hunt in Tokyo

I had the opportunity to participate and pitch at the first ever Product Hunt meet-up in Tokyo yesterday on 16th Oct 2021.

The Venue

The venue for the meet-up was Blink in Roppongi:

Blink Co-Working Space in Roppongi

We had 20 people joining us at the venue. Due to the COVID19 situation, the host capped the maximum number of people that can join on-line to 25 people. The pitching event was also streamed live on Zoom, and we had around 10 people joining us on-line.

The Pitches

We had 6 presenters, and these were the pitches that we had last night, in no particular order:

Each of us had 3 minutes for our pitch, and another 3 minutes of Q&A afterwards. The host wasn’t too strict in the time management part, and I ended up finishing my pitch and slides just over 5 minutes, even though I was speaking pretty fast.

Iqbal pitching GetOTP to the Product Hunt meetup crowd

Wrapping up

GetOTP was released on Product Hunt on 14th October 2021, one day before the pitch event, so I thought it was apt to also show up in person and present it to the community here.

It was a refreshing experience. After a long break from meeting people and public speaking, it was a welcomed change and also a great opportunity to showcase GetOTP and also give and get feedback on the other wonderful ideas the other presenters had.