Announcing the “Email OTP Only” Plan

November 16, 2021 · Iqbal Abdullah

The “Email OTP Only” Plan

Today, we’re announcing the release of the “Email OTP Only” plan to better fit with the One-Time-Password (OTP)/2FA needs of our customers.

What is the “Email OTP Only” plan?

The Email OTP Only plan allows you to use the GetOTP API for free, limited only to the email channel with a default of 100 valid requests per month.

But why?

Short answer: We want to make GetOTP accessible to all levels of developers.

Longer answer:

While engaging with the developer community through our online workshops, we’ve noticed certain needs that are not met due to restrictions in pricing. For example,

  • Students that want to implement a 2FA/OTP functionality for their final year projects but do not need the multiple channel functionality just to prove a concept
  • WordPress web masters that require a secure login to their websites
  • Small businesses with little traffic that only require their customers email address as a verification method.

We hope with the Email OTP Only plan, we can reduce the complexity and save time for more people wanting to implement verification or 2FA for their online work.

Something else in your mind?

If you think the “Email Only” is not what you need for your OTP needs, you can always email us or chat with us through the chat button on the bottom right.

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